Using Your DTX-1 for Springtime Meal Prep

Using Your DTX-1 for Springtime Meal Prep

Spring is an incredible season for eating. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the plump ripe tomatoes, sweet corn, and melons of the summer that we blow by the many treasures of the spring growing season.

Whether we are talking about those crisp asparagus stalks, ruby red strawberries, or the season’s best lamb. Spring has a ton to offer, and one of my favorites is the peppery baby arugula.

We will use the DTX-1 to create an incredible meal of Spring Sirloin of Lamb with Lentils and Morels. This is a collection of flavors and textures that really scream spring. The recipe is easy, and the Detoxifier can be used at every level of the food prep to ensure the food you serve your family is safe and free of contaminants.

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    Meal Prep with the Detoxifier

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    How to Clean All Your Ingredients with the DTX-1 Detoxifier

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    Hard-to-Clean Springtime Ingredients Perfect for the Detoxifier

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    How Does the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Detoxifier Really Work?

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    Key Features of the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Detoxifier

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    Frequently Asked Questions

Meal Prep with the Detoxifier

Did you know you can use the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Detoxifier throughout your meal prep process? If you only bring out your DTX-1 to clean produce, you are missing out on much of what you can accomplish with this powerful kitchen tool.

In this article, we will use the Detoxifier at every process step.

Pathogens at Each Level of Food Prep

Good personal hygiene and safe prep surfaces are essential at every step of food preparation and service. Wherever you need to sanitize surfaces and tools, you can use the Detoxifier to be 100% sure that you are starting and finishing with a safe meal.

It is on these surfaces that bacteria proliferate. We need to be sure that all of the prep surfaces in our homes are sanitized and clean. You may have never considered the effect the Detoxifier can have on your sink. The sink is an area where bacteria can quickly grow, and the Detoxifier can take care of that bacterial growth.

Utensils and Tools

When you start prepping food, you will first grab a collection of utensils and tools to get the job done. Prep work will always require at least one knife and cutting board. Interestingly, a dishwasher is one of the worst things you can do to a knife and a cutting board.

The dry cycle on your dishwasher is powerful and will bow your wooden cutting boards over time and ruin the handles on your kitchen knives. Using the powerful DTX-1 Detoxifier on these essential tools is a much better solution.

Chances are you will use tongs, spatulas, spoons, and other kitchen utensils during your meal prep. All of these can be cleaned most effectively using the DTX-1.

Cleaning Ingredients

All fresh ingredients can be cleaned this way, too. You can use a variety of modes to find the best cleaning settings for your fresh produce and meats. This is genuinely what the DTX-1 Detoxifier by MIRA Safety was designed for.


What are you serving this food on, and what are you serving with? Have you considered the DTX-1 for your serving utensils, plates, and even cups? You can clean your serving utensils along with your other meal prep tools, which can be done simultaneously with one use.

All the work of cleaning and cooking can be undone if you serve food with forks and knives that have not been adequately cleaned.

Storage of Leftovers

How about the containers you will store your meal leftovers in? If you use this opportunity as an actual meal prep time, you could also lay out several containers and fill them up, so you have meals for the week.

The recipe we are presenting you with, Sirloin of Spring Lamb with Lentils and Morels, is made to serve between 2 and 4 people. If you were meal prepping for 1 person, you could multiply the recipe by 3 and get 6 servings for one person.

How to Clean All Your Ingredients with the DTX-1 Detoxifier

We are going to walk you through cleaning each of the ingredients in our recipe. From the dried grains to the fresh produce, each ingredient in this recipe can be completely clean of contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and even pesticides.

Washing the Produce

All of the produce for this recipe can be washed together if you use the DTX-1 Detoxifier. This is as simple as filling your sink and adding all your produce to the water before sinking the DTX-1 Detoxifier into it and choosing the proper setting.

Washing the Lentils

Do you wash your grains? Rice, quinoa, and lentils should all be washed before you cook them. These foods are shelf stable, but they require cleaning and rinsing, too. Should you decide to clean the lentils for this recipe, I have the perfect solution.

Grab a large bowl that is big enough to fit a colander inside of it. If you do not have a bowl of this size, you can simply fill the sink with water. The height of the water must not be higher than the top of the colander.

Place the Detoxifier into the center of the colander and then pour the lentils all around it. Submerge the colander into the water and turn the unit on. Allow the ultrasonic waves to get between all the lentils.

Cleaning the Morels

When hunting morels, you often traverse mountainous regions in the spring and encounter many different mushrooms along the way. The verpa looks a lot like a morel mushroom, but it is a look-a-like that could wind up giving you a severe bout of stomach upset.

The verpa shares that closed umbrella-like cap with a veiny texture. The difference is that the verpa cap is separate from the stem, and the morel mushroom is all one piece. Upon a simple inspection, you can quickly tell the difference.

Morels grow best in forests that have burnt recently. Though this is not a prerequisite, it does make for a greater yield the following season. These mushrooms grow right up out of the dirt. Since they are one piece, the hollow center can often get filled with dirt and grit.

The best way to clean them is to cut them down the middle lengthwise and rinse the inside out. They should not be soaked for a long time in the water, but they could be dropped in a bowl of water and given a bath with the DTX-1 as part of your springtime meal prep.

Washing the Lamb

Spring lamb is an incredible treat with its ruby red flesh, it can be marinated and grilled, or you can take that delicious leg of lamb and roast it low and slow.

A three-ounce serving of lamb provides about 25 grams of protein, essential for building muscle and repairing the body. Lamb is also a good source of iron, which is crucial to forming red blood cells and transporting oxygen throughout the body. A three-ounce serving of lamb provides about 15% of the daily recommended iron intake.

Lamb is a powerhouse of nutrition!

Lamb is also rich in B vitamins, including vitamin B12, essential for nerve function and the production of red blood cells. Additionally, lamb contains zinc, vital in supporting a healthy immune system.

Did you know you can wash meat with the MIRA Safety DTX-1? Cleaning fresh meat is very important; this is another way to integrate this incredible tool into your springtime meal prep.

It’s not just for washing lamb, either! You can use it on chicken, beef, and, most importantly, fish and shellfish.

Sirloin of Spring Lamb with Lentils and Morels

This is a fantastic take on spring flavors with the incredible lamb, and the fresh morel sauté. If you are radically opposed to lentils for some reason, just swap them out for something like quinoa.


  • 4 lamb sirloin or lamb chops

  • 3/4 cup of lentils

  • 1 medium carrot, diced

  • 1 turnip, diced

  • 2 garlic cloves, minced

  • 1 sprig of fresh thyme

  • 1 bunch of parsley

  • 1 lb. of Fresh Morels

  • Olive Oil

  • Beef Stock


  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, or start your grill to cook the lamb.

  • Start a few glugs of olive oil over medium heat in a large sauce pot.

  • Add half of your garlic until it becomes fragrant, and then add your carrot and turnip. Lower the heat to medium-low and add salt.

  • Stir these vegetables frequently until they soften. This process is called sweating; you want them to get soft but not caramelized.

  • Once the vegetables have softened, add your lentils to the pot and cover them with about 1 inch of beef stock. Bring this to a simmer and cook until the lentils are nice and soft. I like to take the lentils off the heat and let them sit in the liquid. Maybe even toss in a sprig of thyme at the end.

  • In a sauté or frying pan, start another few glugs of oil over medium-high heat. Once the oil is warmed, add your cleaned morels and sauté them. Toss or stir them, so they get coated with some warm olive oil. Toss the mushrooms until they soften a bit, then add the rest of your garlic and a sprig of thyme. Once the garlic is fragrant, you can take this pan off the heat and set it aside.

  • Finally, season your lamb with salt and pepper. Good spring lamb needs a little more at the initial cooking phase. Grill your lamb on either side for around 2-3 minutes. You can temp this meat internally to get it to the desired doneness.

  • Once the meat is finished cooking, remember to rest it for a few minutes before slicing.

  • To serve, place a heaping spoonful of lentils on the plate. Then add several slices of lamb. Finally, top the whole thing with some of your sauteed morels. Sprinkle fresh sliced flat-leaf parsley over the entire dish and serve.

Hard-to-Clean Springtime Ingredients Perfect for the Detoxifier

Not all foods are easy to rinse off and eat. Some foods require a bit more work to get clean. Some foods never really seem to get clean. When preparing leeks or ramps (wild baby leeks), it can seem like you always get a little bit of sand left behind.

Thorough cleaning can remove all notable sediment and visible dirt, but if things like leeks are that hard to clean, imagine the things you are missing that you cannot even see with the naked eye.

Here are 8 hard to clean springtime ingredients


  • The densely layered onion collects sediment as it grows and is undoubtedly one of the most challenging vegetables to clean. If you slice them, rinse them, and then add them to a water bath with the Detoxifier, this might be the best method for cleaning leeks.


  • I love fresh kale, Swiss chard, turnip greens, and mustard greens, but they can also be tough to get clean. After a thorough rinse, the Detoxifier can do the rest.


  • Spinach grows early and can even handle some cold weather conditions. It is a great food to grow or to buy locally grown. Spinach is a plant that grows close to the ground. It picks up everything on the earth and needs to be thoroughly cleaned. That makes it another great candidate.


  • Lettuces are often the epicenter of food-borne illness and recall. The main reason is that lettuce is eaten raw in salads and sandwiches and can only be rinsed with water. Well, unless you have a DTX-1 from MIRA Safety.


  • Since garlic grows in the ground, it can get dirt and other contaminants in all the nooks and crannies. The papery skin can be peeled away, and then you wash the clove.

6.Spring Onions

  • Spring onions are another food item that is often served cold. Whenever these ingredients are not cooked, they hold onto all that bacteria and contamination even when simply rinsed off. The DTX-1 is perfect for foods like these.


  • These are one of the biggest treats of the spring. The shiny globe-shaped radish is spicy and crunch and absolutely delicious. Another food that grows in the dirt and does not get cooked. If you wanna be sure that these spicy crunchy radishes are safe to eat, MIRA has the answer.


  • Beets are an incredibly healthy root vegetable that grows in the dirt. They can be washed and scrubbed, but you need the Detoxifier to get them completely clean. Beet greens are highly nutritious and are also a perfect candidate for this kind of cleaning.

How Does the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Detoxifier Really Work?

The MIRA Safety DTX-1 Oxidizing Food Detoxifier Meat, Fruit, and Vegetable Wash Machine is a simple handheld unit that uses electricity to release and oxidize toxins that might otherwise make it into your dinner. Here’s how it works …

The DTX-1 features durable, low-profile construction with a top-mounted touchscreen. Once you immerse the unit’s fins in a water container, you activate it by selecting options on the touchscreen.

Pulsing the container with ultrasonic waves and rapidly releasing active oxygen molecules to cleanse your produce from the inside out. The DTX-1 features multiple modes to specifically target various threats, from antiparasitic to thermal treatments and more.

This process is perfect for the fresh foods of spring. Some of these can be a challenge to get really clean, and this kitchen tool is ideal for the challenge. If you do not already have a detoxifier, it might be the one tool you are missing to make meal prep a breeze and give you confidence that what you are serving your family is free of contaminants.

The detoxification process is all-natural and completely self-contained, with no soap or cleaning solution required. The only other thing you’ll need is electricity from a 120V AC wall outlet. Beyond the cost of electricity, the DTX-1 has zero operating and maintenance costs.

Since some biological threats can be transmitted through contact with surfaces, the DTX-1 offers adequate protection from unknown threats, pesticides, carcinogens, and other common threats.

Key Features of the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Detoxifier

Now that you understand the process, you must see the complete list of features of the DTX-1. We have thought of everything. That is because we want this to be a valued and essential piece of your daily life when preparing food.

This Detoxifier has been designed for efficient use on every layer of the food prep process. It can even be used on items like wedding rings and other jewelry that are not food related but need a thorough cleaning from time to time.

This machine has been independently tested for effectiveness, and we have turned over every stone. Just see for yourself below.

Key Features of the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Food Detoxifier

  • Handheld Detoxifier uses a combination of ultrasonic waves and rapid oxidation to release and dissolve toxins to cleanse both water and produce

  • User-friendly touchscreen display

  • Plugs directly into 120V AC wall outlet

  • Durable construction designed for maximum rapid cleansing

  • Multiple cleaning modes allow for separate detoxification of raw foods, thermal treatment, antiparasitic treatment, and detoxification of household items (keys, jewelry, etc.)

  • Unique detox process uses ZERO chemicals, solvents, cleaning agents, or additives

  • Once activated, the unit uses a high-power ultrasonic generator to remove contaminants on the surface of foods or suspended in drinking water

  • The unit rapidly saturates the water with active oxygen molecules to completely penetrate the food product, oxidizing pesticides and other harmful compounds

  • Simple and easy process can be performed daily

  • Tested for effectiveness and approved by laboratories in Switzerland and the European Union

  • Built to last at least 5 years with regular use

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty from MIRA Safety


Every season has foods and flavors synonymous with that time of year. Spring is always a standout season because you are coming out of the winter season lacking in those fresh leafy, and herby flavors.

Integrating the MIRA Safety DTX-1 Detoxifier makes springtime meal prep more manageable and safer. This powerful kitchen tool can be used the entire growing season and beyond. It is really indispensable if you are buying fresh produce from markets or even if you are growing it yourself.

There is no better way to wash all those fresh vegetables and fruits that come into the home this time of the year. Why stop with the food? Sure, a modern dishwasher is a great tool, but it requires chemicals and solvents to clean your utensils and plates. What if you could cut all that out of your springtime meal prep using the DTX-1 in your home?

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